Friday, November 16, 2012

After Istanbul !

During the “business section meeting” in Istanbul we elected the new management team. Elisenda Ardevol was re-elected as Chair and Gemma San Cornelio and Veronica Barassi were elected as Vice-Chairs. Following our modus operandi, we elected two delegates to assume new roles for the section: Aristea Fotopoulus was elected for Yecrea representative and Christopher Raetzsch for webmaster and publications. 

In Istanbul there were some proposals for organizing the next workshop of the section. The new management team is working out the topic and the main ideas for the call for papers, taking into account  the future of the event in Bonn University, Germany. We are open to suggestions to develop these ideas thereafter. 

The DCC section seeks to increase its relationship with other sections while maintaining its specificity. Digital culture is more and more present in other sections since digital communication technologies have been pervasively introduced in almost every ‘traditional’ media transforming practices of production, circulation and audience reception. Thus, one of the aims of the DCC section is to strength its relation with other sections and at the same time, to promote critical theoretical frameworks and research methodologies in the field of Digital Culture and Communication, as well as a reflective understanding of the role of digital media in education and teaching media studies.