Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DCC Preliminary program Istanbul 25 october

Thursday 25 October- 13.30 - 14.30

Room A116
Digital Culture and Communication

Thursday 25 October
DCC 1, 11.15 - 12.45, Room A416
Social relationships, cosmopolitism and home life with media
Chair: Maria Bakardjieva (University of Calgary)

Theresa Hofmann, Julian Unkel, Andreas Fahr (Ludwig Maximilians University
Romantic relationship management on Facebook: implications for digital
jealousy, social compensation, and social enhancement
Corinna Peil (University of Salzburg),
Jutta Röser (University of Münster)
Managing Everyday Digital Life in the Mediatized Home: On the Interplay of Old and New Media within the Domestic Sphere
Aristea Fotopoulou (Sussex University)
Network media and queer communities: local and cosmopolitan
Manuela Farinosi (University of Udine),
Sara Zanatta (Queen Mary University of London)
Digital Everyday Outfits: Rethinking Fashion Communication Through New Media
M. Gokhan Aslan (Dogus University)
Reconsidering Surveillance: “The Facebook” Model

Thursday 25 October
DCC 2, 14.30 - 16.00, Room A416
Misunderstanding the Internet
Chair: Dagmar Hoffmann (University of Siegen)
Natalie Fenton (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Internet logic: Doing democracy differently?
Des Freedman (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Profits of the New Media Economy
Milly Williamson (Brunel University)
Democratising Celebrity Online
Gavan Titley (National University of
Ireland, Maynooth)
From rage to ‘the facts’: reflexive racism and the limits of ‘digital extremism’
Gholam Khiabany (Sussex University)
Beyond Technology: Arab Revolutions
and the Iranian Upraising

Thursday 25 October
Poster Exhibition, Main Foyer - Ground
Floor, 16.30 - 17.30

Joana Motta (ISLA Campus Lisbon),
Maria Barbosa (Cigest - Research Center
in Management)
You will look at me and me alone –
Undressing the virtual world of cosplaying
Bilge Gürsoy (Marmara University)
The Ideology of Aesthetics And The
Globalization of Consumption in
Women's Fashion Blogs
Lewis Johnson (Bahcesehir University)
Aporias of tactility in digital photographic
Esen Kara, D. Melike Taner Uluçay (Yaşar
The Role of Social Media on the
Transformation of Public Acts: A Turkish
Censorship Demonstration Case
Dilek Özhan Koçak (Marmara University)
The lack of social memıory and identityseeking
in the digital world
Klaus Bredl, Julia Hünniger (Augsburg
Immersive Communication in the Grid.
Results of Cases on Knowledge
Communication with Avatars in
Aydin Cam (Marmara University), Ahmet
Sarp Yilmaz (Dogus University)
Papergirl Project: A Global Art Network,
as an Instance of Convergence Culture
Translation of TV Series as User
Generated Content and Social Practice:
The Case of Czech Amateur Subtitles for
HBO's 'Game of Thrones'
Georgeta Drula (University of Bucharest)
Social media as phenomenon and tool in
media research
Sónia Lamy (Fernando Pessoa
Portuguese NGO on Social Media – The
Facebook as a communication tool

Thursday 25 October
DCC 3, 17.30 - 19.00, Room A416
Digital and physical spaces and scales
Chair: Caroline Basset (Sussex University)

Tim Highfield, Axel Bruns, Stephen
Harrington (Queensland University of
Tweeting le Tour: Connecting the Tour
de France’s global audience through
Frauke Behrendt (University of
Sharing cycle rides on smartphones and
city streets: towards understanding the
intersection of mobile media and
electrically-assisted cycling
Didem Ozkul (University of Westminster)
Mobile Communication and Spatial
Perception: Mapping London
Sonia González (Jaume I University)
Social media and press offices: strategies
of use from the view of convergence.
The case of the Catalan Road Service
(Servei Català de Trànsit, SCT)
Elisenda Ardèvol, Débora Lanzeni,
Gemma San Cornelio (Open University
of Catalonia)
"Mapping": collaborative creation
practices and media sociability

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