Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DCC Preliminary Program Istanbul 26 October

Friday 26 October
DCC 4, 9.15 - 10.45, Room A416
Digital crowds, communities and divides
Chair: Veronica Barassi (Goldsmiths,
University of London)

Antoni Roig Telo, Jordi Sanchez Navarro,
Talia Leivobitz (Open University of Catalonia)
In the crowd: articulating participation in
complex media production
Caroline Basset (Sussex University)
‘Like children in the arms of
automation’: Two Cultures and Everyday Life
Ilse Mariën, Leo Van Audenhove (Free University of Brussels)
The digital divide revisited: Towards a
multifaceted measurement instrument
for digital inequality
Florian Hadler (University of the Arts, Berlin/European Graduate School, Saas-
Fee), Daniela Kuka (University of the Arts, Berlin)
The Apparatus of Social Media
Elisabetta Locatelli (Catholic University
of Sacred Heart, Milan)
Collective blogging and Twitter hashtagging between gatekeeping and
social memory: the case of an Italian
“digital storyteller”

Friday 26 October
DCC 5a, 14.30 - 16.00, Room A416
Collective actions
Chair: Elisenda Ardèvol (Open University of Catalonia)

Maria Bakardjieva (University of Calgary)
From Networked Individualism to
Collective Action: New Media and Civic
Engagement for the Rest of Us
Thomas Poell, Jeroen de Kloet, Guohua
Zeng (University of Amsterdam)
Microblogging and activism: comparing
Sina Weibo and Twitter
Jakob Svensson (Karlstad University)
Social Networking Capital: A Study of
Participation and Power within an
Activist Community in Digital Late
Veronica Barassi (Goldsmiths, University
of London)
Conflicting Temporalities: Digital
Culture, Social Media Activism and the
Problem of Internet Time
Mark Dang-Anh, Jessica Einspaenner,
Caja Thimm (University of Bonn)
The Global Digital Citoyen: Social Media
and the changing Role of the Citizens

Friday 26 October
DCC 5b, 14.30 - 16.00, Room B426
Commons and property in media production
Chair: Antoni Roig Telo (Open University
of Catalonia)
Yiannis Mylonas (Lund University)
Free culture' in EU contexts: a critical
empirical study of informal uses of ICT
and new media
Behlül Çalışkan (Marmara University)
Towards the decommodification of
information: Why do we share
information in new media?
Simon Berghofer, Saskia Sell (Free
University of Berlin)
Two Subjects, one Argument?
Comparing Argumentation Patterns of
the SOPA Debate in the USA with the
German “Zensursula” Case
Adnan Hadzi (Goldsmiths, University of London)
FLOSSTV: Critical Video Editing
Jim Rogers, Paschal Preston (Dublin
City University)
Crisis, creative destruction and the
digital media realm

Friday 26 October
DCC 6a, 16.30 - 18.00, Room A416
Media use, literacy and competency
among young people

Chair: Barbara Scifo (Catholic University
of Milan)

Hadewijch Vanwynsberghe, Pieter
Verdegem, Elke Boudry (Ghent
The ‘internet generation’ and social
media skills: an update on survey
measures to assess young people’s
social media literacy
Snezhanka Kazakova, Verolien
Cauberghe, Mario Pandelaere (Ghent
University), Patrick De Pelsmacker
(University of Antwerp)
How the need for competence shapes
video game enoyment, replay intention
and contingent self-esteem in expert
versus novice players
Jane Fleischer (University of Augsburg)
The online information seeking behavior
of young people
Pilar Lacasa, Sara Cortes (University of
Alcalá), Patricia Nuñez (Complutense
University of Madrid), Pilar Herranz-
Ybarra (UNED)
Video games, machinima and classical
cinema in children lives
Hipolito Vivar Zurita, Natalia Abuin
Vences, Raquel Vinader Segura, Alberto
Garcia Garcia (Complutense University
of Madrid)
Permanent Digital Communicators.
Paradigm shift: from communication to

Friday 26 October
DCC 6b, 16.30 - 18.00, Room B426
Virtuality, aesthetics and design
Chair: Gemma San Cornelio (Open
University of Catalonia)
Eduardo Zilles Borba, Francisco
Mesquita, Luís Pinto de Faria (University
Fernando Pessoa)
Urban space design in virtual worlds. An
analyses to the aesthetic-spatial and
narrative-functional communication of
out-of-home advertising in cybercities,
metaverses and videogames (urban)
Gokcen Ertugrul (Mugla University)
New Media Art and the Changing Modes
of Engaging and Interfering to
Mary Leigh Morbey, Maureen Senoga
(York University), Lourdes Villamor
(George Brown College), Jane A. Griffith
(York University)
Social Media Engages Oral Culture in the
Uganda National Museum
Christian Kobbernagel (Roskilde
Communication and young people's
digital content creations in art
museums: a structural equation model
of perceived media production process
and potential for learning
Frederik Van den Bosch (Ghent
The silent pilgrimage: An ethnographic
study into the interaction patterns of
Journey players

Friday 26 October
DCC 7a, 18.30 - 20.00, Room A416
Youth, Age and Social Media Practices
Chair: Natalia Abuín (Complutense
University of Madrid)
Marjolijn Antheunis, Alexander
Schouten, Emiel Krahmer (Tilburg
The role of social network sites in early
adolescents’ social life
Troels Fibæk Bertel (IT University of
The Domestication of the Smartphone
among Danish Youth
Jose Simoes (New University of Lisbon),
Ricardo Campos (Open University of
Digital media and youth subcultural
activity: the cases of underground rap
and illegal graffiti in Portugal
Olga Sergeyeva (Volgograd State
Elderly online: the Russian Perspective
Maria Francesca Murru, Giovanna
Mascheroni, Barbara Scifo (Catholic
University of Milan)
The use of social networking sites
among Italian teens, from pc to mobile
phones: practices, identities and

Friday 26 October
DCC 7b, 18.30 - 20.00, Room B426
Methods and research practices
Chair: Caroline Basset (Sussex
Lisbeth Frølunde (Roskilde University)
Digital Video in Research: The challenges
of designing academic video
Nele Heise (Hans-Bredow-Institute)
Online-Based Research as Computer-
Mediated Communication. Insights and
Guiding Principles from Online
Communication Ethics
Carlos Arcila (Northern University of
Colombia), Ignacio Aguaded (Huelva
University), José Luis Piñuel
(Complutense University of Madrid),
César Bolaño (Federal University of
Sergipe) , Marta Barrios (Northern
University of Colombia)
e-Research in Media and
Oliver Quiring, Marc Ziegele (University
of Mainz)
The discussion value of mediastimulated
communication: A content analysis of
feedback-provoking factors in online
user comments
Florian Wiencek (Jacobs University
Bremen), Mary Leigh Morbey (York
University), Julian Lombardi (Duke
Virtual Collaboration Spaces for
Transdisciplinary Research and
Pedagogy: A Conceptualization.


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